Line Production Turkey is a worldwide film production brand based in Istanbul, Turkey. LPT’s idea is to assist production companies from all over the world to come and shoot hassle-free, take advantage of the unique sites, and sounds Turkey has to offer.

As LPT we take care of your film shooting needs in and outside of Turkey. We have a highly-skilled, experienced team that can handhold your film productions, provide you the most modern equipment, get shooting permissions, subsidy-grants guidance, and get logistics facilitation in a hassle-free manner. We understand last-minute adjustments and align ourselves to your needs.

So, whenever you need dynamic team, equipment, logistics, shooting permissions, script approvals, subsidy guidance, technical advice, or just any other help about line production, we are here to help.

We have a global presence, a huge network with reliable international production contacts; six offices around the world. Looking for a trustful team? We would love to hear from you. Please call +90 (212) 347 3465 or email us at contact@lpt.com.tr

Line Production Turkey is a brand of Deimos Brands Group.